Welcome to the 2nd Floor Commons

Hello friends, and welcome to the 2nd Floor Commons, the latest entry in the already crowded field of pop-culture blogs. As we start rolling out this new website, we will be covering movies, television,  music, books, video games, sports, and anything else we might feel the need to throw our two cents in on.

You may be asking, what makes us different from all those other sites? Well…us, we make the difference. As a recent Onion article pointed out, sarcastic blogging isn’t anything new, but each one of us brings our own unique voice and views to make you laugh, cry, think and groan.

You may also be asking, what exactly is the 2nd Floor Commons? While the name holds special significance to the authors, this website is a place to discuss and share ideas freely about the things that interest us. Will what we say always make sense? Almost certainly not. Will what we say always be appropriate? Unlikely. But every post will showcase an unabashed devotion to the topics the authors cover.

So come along with us as we start to get our footing, let all your friends know that you were going to our website before it was cool. Leave us comments and share your ideas about what you would like us to cover.

Now, let’s have some fun shall we…


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