A Look at The Walking Dead’s Infection

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows on television, and one of the best dramas around at the time (Lost was sooo five years ago). I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with you all regarding the show. Bare with my writing style for the first couple of weeks though; I’m not exactly sure whether or not I will come off as too dry or over-extending my reach when it comes to humor. Just stick with me though. Let’s begin though with the second episode of season four “Infected.”

I’m so happy that “Infected” opens up with…..well a recap…. quickly followed by a flashlight held by an unknown member of the prison who holding up a rat to a bunch of walkers held back by a fence. I think it does a good job of letting people know that the survivors will inevitably face a more sinister foe for the coming season. Sinister was a tough word to think of for the new bad guy compared to The Governor: The Governor shares the same attribute, however he bears a much more brutal, physical form of it. The unknown character holding up the rat to the fence appears to exist a more methodical villain.

The rat scene was followed by a less exciting scene of Tyrese’s girlfriend walking through the empty prison hallways with a flickering flashlight. Flickering flashlights will forever be at the heart of any horror genre worth it’s stuff. The flickering flashlight does a fantastic job at foreshadowing what will come in the middle of the night. Confession time: after the flickering flashlight I prayed to god that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki would bust through a door to save the day, but they didn’t and I got sad. My second thought whilst watching this episode of The Walking Dead was “why the hell are the people in the prison leaving all of their shower curtains drawn in the middle of the night. Shower curtains provide no protection for the living, but a perfect backdrop to hide and attack from behind for the walkers. Also, how the hell wouldn’t you hear a walker gasping for air as it roams the halls of an echo-y prison?

Every season I feel like we see the rise of a significant character from the original camp: season 1 was obviously Rick, season 2 was Glen, and season 3 was Daryl. Season 4 might be Carol’s time to shine. Carol showed people how she is going to be an interesting character throughout the season by teaching children how to use knives, and how to survive instead of how to read. Carol being such a passive character in the past has really stepped up in the last five episodes to be more active, even when she’s telling ten year olds that they had lost their nerve. I doubt she’ll become the main leader of the group, but she hasn’t provided this much support for the group since the ol’ camping days.

Overall, the biggest threat the survivors faced in “Infected” was the herd of walkers bringing down the fence. The survivors have been able to lighten the load of the fence on a daily basis, but I believe we’re beginning to see more of a turn in the survivor to walker ratio. Sure, the survivors have come across herds before, but will have to overcome greater odds from more angles in the prison. Good luck!

Side note: have “Glenn and Maggie been granted an endless honeymoon phase in their relationship? I know that they’ve had some rough spots in the past, but for some reason they seem to be in an endless rift of happiness. Screw them.

Overall, I liked the episode; it showed us a lot of what life is going to be like for the survivors this season. Rick will have to overcome his self-doubts about being the leader; Carl will have to struggle with his identity as a responsible child; Carol will have to remember what it’s like to have a family again; Maggie and Glenn will struggle with family issues; and everyone else that the writers haven’t bothered naming yet will have to remain survivors. Again, good luck!

If I had to rate the episode on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being “ouch, I got a papercut” and 10 being “I don’t want to look at it – blood makes me queasy – it feels bad, is it really bad?” I’d give the episode a 7.

Tune in next week when I take a look at Rick’s life while Rick probably takes a look at his life. Z-nception!!! Also follow me on Twitter @barista_brian


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