Trailer Breakdown: Doctor Who – The Day of the Doctor

Over the weekend, BBC released the first trailer for the highly anticipated Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, “The Day of the Doctor.” The special is about a month away and outside of a few leaked and promotional images there hasn’t been much word about what to expect. Stephen Moffat and crew shared some footage during Comic-Con and put out a stern warning that he would not return if the footage was leaked onto the web. And surprisingly the internet took him at his word. 

However, the less privileged among us, have been forced to wait, knowing only that the special with bring back David Tennant and Billie Piper as the Tenth Doctor (but not really, but that’s a post for another day) and Rose, as well as introduce John Hurt as a mysterious hereto unknown incarnation of the Doctor.

So you can imagine my excitement on Saturday when I saw on the BBC America Twitter feed that the first official trailer had been released. But that excitement soon turned to disappointment. Watch the trailer below and then follow me along as I point out a few problems.

Even before I started watching the trailer, I could tell there was a problem. The description of the video says flat out that there is no actual footage from the special included in this trailer. And I say to myself, ok sure, but there has to be something in the trailer, even if its just a shot with no dialogue of the three Doctors staring at each other, it’ll be worth it.

So I hit play, and the second issue becomes immediately apparent. The length of the trailer is just more than a minute. Given that certain trailers are roughly two and a half minutes, I knew almost instantly that there wouldn’t be anything of note in this preview. Still I hoped there would be a worthwhile tidbit to take way from it.

Then I watch the actual trailer, and all it shows is all the different Doctors with some Matt Smith voice over narration.

Graphically interesting I suppose, but why should I care? Why should I get excited about you showing me past Doctors, when I already know that only two of them are going to be in the special? Why should I care what Matt Smith has to say, when it isn’t anything new?

But this points out a larger issue going on in the entertainment industry. Fan service for the sake of fan-service that in reality doesn’t actually service the fans. There are too many teasers and not enough actual content. I’m not saying I need to have everything spoiled before I see something, but I do want an idea about what’s going to happen.

What did you think of the trailer?


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