Song of the Day: Bitch Bad

I took some time off of trying to impress the bad bitches to sneak in a song of the day today. Your song is Bitch Bad by Lupe Fiasco. If you haven’t heard it, shut up. Shut up and stop reading and play the video. I’ll wait.

That’s good stuff. If you’re unfamiliar (you probably didn’t click the link) Lupe Fiasco don’t take no guff from no one. As far as pop artists go, Lupe ignores trends in hip hop better than anybody. This song calls out the glorification of naughty words for perpetuating disrespectful treatment of people (of women, in this case). A recent trend in hip hop is for lady rappers to refer to themselves as “bad bitches” and for bro rappers to declare they only fux with the “bad bitches.” This paragraph is boring me and I’m going to stop it.

But what about the dames, Lupe?? It upsets me to no end that the word “dame” has all but fallen out of our vernacular. Sometimes when I’m alone I dress up in clothes that no one recognizes and go to the train station. I’ll shuck and jive a la Charlie Murphy in the Time Haters skit from Chappelle’s Show and say to no one in particular “Oh loogit this dame ovah heah gittin off the trolley.” Nobody acknowledges me. It’s almost like they’re acting like I’m not trying to get laid. How am I supposed to meet people if the dames don’t acknowledge me at the train station? “Dames” is going to make a comeback, and I’m driving the bandwagon’s lead trolley.


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