Your Thursday Liberation through Song: The Family Crest’s “Make Me a Boat”

Thursday, in my mind, is the wort day of the week. If hell existed solely as a 24 hour period, it would be every Thursday starting at 00:00 and ending at 23:59 (yes, I’ll continue to use military time, because I can). Thursday exists to ruin my life, because every Thursday morning – the exact meaning of the phrase “like clockwork” – I wake up and think it’s Friday, but it isn’t. One might ask “why isn’t Friday the worst day of the week?” Because no body takes Friday seriously. Friday is when you summarize your work week and either feel good or terrible about what you accomplished; it’s your day to reflect and clean up any messes you might have made or energize you for a weekend of celebration, like a Hot Wheels supercharger sending you in a loop-DA-loop. Thursday merely slaps you in the face when you wake up, because you think it’s Friday. Thursday tells you from the get-go, “no, you can’t take it easy just yet. You’ve got 24 hours before you can start to let go.” My song of the day column (it’s a column, right?) will be here to help you get through the worst day of the week.

For my first installment of liberation, I give you “Make Me a Boat” by The Family Crest. I first heard this song in a YouTube commercial for the new Go Pro coming out for all you extreme sport/animal enthusiasts. The reason the song helps liberate me on the worst day of days is because it uplifts me and takes me to far away places. Included in my column will be the Go Pro commercial involving the song.

The commercial actually does a lot of the heavy lifting for raising my mind out of the office on Thursday. It involves various people using their Go Pro for their various sports (skiing, biking, rock climbing, eagle releasing…), but the commercial also reminds me of all the times I’ve been to Colorado. If I’m able to, I like to go skiing at least once a year: being on a mountain or out in nature like that can really open up your mind to help you escape in to memories of adventure.

Watching the Go Pro commercial limits the mind to memories of adventure, while listening to all of “Make Me a Boat” doesn’t. Simply put, “Make Me a Boat” is uplifting, and the perfect cure what a drag Thursdays embody.

I’ll be in next week to help get you through your day, until then feel free to follow me on twitter – @barista_brian – to tweet me songs you’d like featured.


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