Phil Collins Fridays: “Don’t Lose My Number”

All week long, each of us has been posting a song to help our readers get through the day, but on Friday’s we’re going to be putting a special spin this recurring column. As we continue to build the 2nd Floor Commons, you’re going to start noticing the things we love ( like, Jason Statham) and the things we don’t support (like, bestiality). One of things we love is Phil Collins. We’ve loved Phil Collins since college, when someone decided to troll our entire student body by creating a fake Facebook event for a concert he was (supposedly) going to be playing at the school. The concert obviously never happened, but we felt that no one should be deprived of this man’s glorious music. It’s a tradition we continue here.

Each week we will be bringing you his greatest hits, from his time with Genesis, to his solo career, and even his contribution to one of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time, Disney’s Tarzan.

For our inaugural post, we’ll enjoy the upbeat sounds of “Don’t Lose My Number,” off the unforgettable album: No Jacket Required. The song peaked at number four on the Billboard charts in September of 1985.

Full disclosure, I had never seen this music video before preparing to write this post and holy crap was that amazing!  Who is Billy, and why is Phil Collins so concerned about whether or not he loses his number? Who the hell cares? I mean this music video had everything, men riding horse, samurais, jazzercise, and what’s that? Is it Jeff Goldblum? No, it’s Phil Collins’ head on a poorly animated fly.

Seriously though, if that song doesn’t brighten your day, not much will. Except maybe the opening description of the song on Wikipedia: “The song is addressed to someone called ‘Billy’ whom the singer is hoping to find (and hopes Billy still has his number).”

Well said Wikipedia. Well said.


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