Looking At the Week

Hey readers, friends, and confused bystanders this is where we will all the super cool things that are going to be happening this week. After reading this you won’t even have to think, you just have to obey what we said in order to have the coolest week you’ve ever.

Jon: Basketball starts tomorrow. Real basketball, that counts, not the basketball about telling people, “Maybe next year, enjoy that sweet sweet D League” . It’s that magical time of the year when my unreasonable expectations for the Milwaukee Bucks don’t seem completely asinine just mostly asinine. I like the begining of every long season. It is super fun until we all get bored with it. So enjoy these tender moments that basketball is awesome. You probably won’t care again until the play offs.

Chris: There is only one thing you need to prepare your eyeballs for this week: the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past. It could quite possibly be one of the most ambitious superhero adaptations ever attempted (even more so than Marvel establishing its cinematic universe). It brings back the original cast and the original director, throw in time travel, mutant hunting robots, Richard Nixon and only the good cast members from X-Men: First Class, and baby, you’ve got a stew going. A small ten second-teaser was released last week, but if there is one thing I abhor (and I abhor many things), it’s teasers for teasers. So be on the internet around 8 a.m. CT this Thursday to get a taste for one of next summer’s most anticipated films.

Brian: Ender’s Game will be released to bring in November – because that make’s a whole lot of sense. Ender’s Game the movie is actually based off the book of the same name, luckily the two seem to be in sync as far as plot goes. Look in to a future world where Earth has been attacked by an alien race known as “buggers.” Earth’s forces have consolidated their efforts in to the International Fleet; consisting of battle trained children in Harrison Ford’s Battle School. Ender is believed to be the only child alive who has the capacity to defeat the alien race, and Ford get’s to train him. Check in on Saturday to see how well the movie and book match up, and ultimately if the movie is worth watching.

Jordan: If you’re like me, then you won’t have time for any of the above as you’ll be playing Assassins Creed 4, which comes out on Tuesday. Supposedly we find out what happens to Desmond and HOLY SHIT WE GET TO BE A PIRATE ASSASSIN SO I WILL MAKE EIGHTEEN JOKES ABOUT RUM BY SATURDAY! I’m looking forward to the inevitable ninja assassin coming next year. For the first person shooter fans too impatient to wait for Call of Duty, you can also get a quick fix with Tuesday’s release of Battlefield 4.

Tony: I’ll be tweeting ambiguous bullshit and probably playing a ton of Backyard Baseball 2003.  I highly recommend you do the same.


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