Song of the Day: wat?

Hey. I forgot I was doing this. I’m getting it in before midnight so I don’t let you clowns down. Also, clown and down look the same when I write them on paper because I don’t properly space c’s and l’s. Heregoes:

What the fuck is this?

Let me bring you back to 1993. Snoop Doggy Dogg was a fresh faced (kinda) young buck smoking some doobies and showing up on Dr. Dre songs. He was just getting ready to rock the world with Gin and Juice, and he probably laughed really really hard at old Buckwheat sketches thinking Eddie Murphy used to be the funniest dude in the world.

Eddie Murphy was no longer funny. 1993 wasn’t the time to be Eddie Murphy. In fact, this masterpiece is the funniest thing that Eddie Murphy did in 1993. That makes this even stranger.

Snoop Dogg has become Snoop Lion and is convinced he is the reincarnation of Bob Marley (I think he actually said that). 20 years is a long fucking time. Eddie Murphy had a nice little reincarnation in the later 90s and I guess he’s still alive and stuff.

Imagine 20 years from now when Adam Sandler and Chief Keef put out a grunge pop song. That’s what this is. The sad part is… not that bad. Embarrassing that they’ve both gotten my money for some form of entertainment in the past, but as far as reggae songs go I can’t really tell the difference between this and good reggae, so it must be good.

You don’t love me like I love you.



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