Song of the Day: Bullet and a Target

Sup clan?? I got a busy day tomorrow, and if I didn’t post an early song of the day for y’alls I’d end up bumping you to my backburner. It’s nothing personal, I just want you to enjoy my song for a full 23 hours before someone else picks up the slack.

Picture me in a bubble bath. Naked. Almost too naked. Welcome to the go-to Pandora channel for bubble bath city. When I pop on the Citizen Cope I always hope that this song will randomly appear, and then play on repeat. When I take music seriously I tend to only care about lyrical content. Seriously, I don’t care if this song ( is heavily sampled, if you’re a decent lyricist you can win my heart. Citizen Cope’s voice and music make me relax so hard that I don’t even care what he’s saying. This song is wonderfully profound, but even if it wasn’t I’d love it. I hope you enjoy it as thoroughly as I have and have a beautiful Wednesday.

Bonus SotD’s for you. Bullet and a Target has been sampled by a couple rappers to make some of that good ol hip hop music that I fancy. The first I’m aware of is Bullet by Rhymefest ( I’d recommend listening to this song even higher than I’d recommend clicking the original video, but the song is better given the context of the sample. Watch that video, for realsies.

Bliss n Eso is an Australian rap group that had their own take on Bullet and a Target ( If you spend an hour going down a youtube rabbit hole, it might as well be spent listening to this group as opposed to watching fightz in da hood or whatever the hell else my most recent youtube search was.


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