A Love Letter to Walter Goggins

Hey Walter,

I remember when we first met, it was the first season of Justified and you stood out to me more anyone, even more than my second favorite Olyphant(this will always be my favorite Oliphant http://images.wikia.com/lotr/images/0/0f/Oliphant_RE_Animal_Rides-s1280x960-96816.jpg). You were the best part of that show by leaps and bounds, and though the gap has closed as that show as went on, you will always be my favorite. I gushed about you being awesome to Chris multiple times. You play crazy so well. You have the best voice. Walter, you maybe the best most under used and underrated actor in the world right now. You were perfect in Lincoln, so perfect I forgot how much I loved Boyd Crowder. You played a glorious hate monger in Django Unchained. You hated so well in it that I forgot Boyd’s tolerance. You made it satisfying to watch one of my favorite actors die. Walter, do you know hard that is to do? It’s like rooting for your favorite team to lose. You were always very good, Walt then you did something beyond very good. You did the best bit of TV acting I’ve ever seen. The way you played a transvestite named Venus on Sons of Anarachy is the single best of TV acting I can remember. It meant from a pop because I recognized you to being memorized by how good every story arc involving Venus was. This character could have been so terrible, you made it phenomenal. It was better than  Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, it was better than Jon Hamm in Mad Men, and it ground Kevin Spacey in House of Cards into the dust. Everyone needs to watch the performance in the latest episode of SOA. It is beyond compression, and it plays through incredibly adult themes. You do it effortlessly. Thank you Walter one day the world might appreciate you the way I do.


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