Song of the Day: Next – “Too Close”

The year is 1998. The economy is doing well and Bill Clinton is happily banging interns. The Drew Carrey Show is on TV and is actually something that people watched and enjoyed. 1998 was a simpler time. Life was carefree. Life was good. Life was free. Life was freely good. One of the songs that made it to the top of the charts in 1998 was “Too Close” by the R&B group Next.

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Hello again gamblers/bored readers/definitely-not-an-FBI-agent. Seriously, are you a cop? You have to tell us if you are. If you’ve been following along, you know that our week 9 picks were much better than our week 8 picks. This is what the gambling community like to call a “trend”. That means if you continue to do everything we say you will undoubtedly do even better this week! Seriously! DO EVERYTHING WE SAY! SEND US $5,000 IN NON-SEQUENTIAL BILLS AND AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS!!!! Trust us, it will go well for you. Or us. I can’t always remember which. To the picks: Continue reading

Album Review: Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”

Eminem’s most recent album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” is a very difficult album to review for me. Eminem is not an evolving artist, his style hasn’t drastically changed over the years, if it has at all, but it does fluctuate between the serious hard-hitting rhymes and the jokester “Slim Shady” persona that bags on celebrities and jokes about drugs, mental illness and death. If MMLP2 has one great failing, it is that Eminem doesn’t seem to know what he wants this album to be.

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Song of the Day: Eminem – “Love Game” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Well hi there ladies and gentlemen! It’s been a tough week so far, but hell, you’re over halfway through and the weekend is waiting patiently for you to enjoy the shit out of it! Today I’m here to provide you with a song that will help you push through the last two days of work/school/responsibilities/looking-for-pants-so-that-you-can-answer-the-door-because-the-pizza-man-is-here! Our song today is “Love Game” by Eminem featuring Kendrick Lamar from Eminem’s new album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”. (Maybe don’t listen to this if you are offended by profanity, but then you probably are on the wrong blog anyways).

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Whoa, hey, you’re back! We thought for sure after last week’s picktastrophe, you would probably go and look at one of the so-called “expert’s” picks for Week 9. Well you know what? We’re glad you’re back, because that “expert” sucks, I also heard that he/she/it is a awful person/sex offender/co-conspirator to 9-11/soccer fan. Once again, we in NO WAY condone anything that you are about to do with these picks. Instead of gambling, maybe you should spend more time being with your loved ones, who you find that you don’t treasure as much as you sho– WHAT THE HELL!? WAS THAT A FUMBLE, DEANGELO WILLIAMS!? I HOPE THEY FIRE YOUR ASS INTO THE SUN!!!! Here are your guaranteed* picks for the week: Continue reading

Song of the Day: Janelle Monae – “We Were Rock n’ Roll”

It’s Sunday. Football is on TV, but it’s almost 5 o’clock and that sinking feeling is coming fast. You have work/class/responsibilities tomorrow (If you don’t have these things then congratulations, your life is pretty awesome. You are also a reprehensible human being and I hope you choke on whatever you choose to make yourself for lunch when you wake up at 1pm tomorrow). You don’t want to think about it, but you just can’t quite shake it. The world is out to get you, and there is nothing you can do to keep Monday from swooping in and royally wrecking your shit. But don’t worry my lovelies, I’m here to help you forget with some R&B/funk fusion from Janelle Monae!

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