Weird Game Monday on a Tuesday: Thomas Was Alone


I like linear stories more than I like an open world. For all of the creativity an open world offers I don’t think it’s why we play things. We play games like Thomas Was Alone to learn something and feel something. This game is one of the best stories I have got to experience. I’m not saying story, as in story of a video game, I’m saying story of anything I’ve experienced, movie, TV show, book, comic, a drunk guy yelling at me, this was at the very top. It did all of this with no conversation between characters, only about 25ish (I’m really guessing there and I’m probably way off) bits of voice acted exposition narrating, and 10 quotes from fictional characters. The gameplay had no real barring into anything but solving a puzzle. The characters didn’t get hurt from you jumping, which is all you can do mechanics wise, you jump in different ways. They didn’t get jealous about someone standing near another shape. They just followed what you said to do and plopped into the portal while you waited to be told about how they felt about everything. Some how despite having a complete lack of intricacy this carried me through a series of overwhelming emotions. Continue reading


Game Review: Grand Theft Auto V

A few things to note about this review before we even get started. I own somewhere between 40 and 50 games for the PS3, and of them, the only open world games I have ever really enjoyed were Skryim (but not any of the other Elder Scrolls games) and the Fallout series. I have played Grand Theft Auto 2, 3 & 4 and have not really enjoyed any of them for more than a few hours, I have never come close to finishing the story for any of the Grand Theft Autos, simply because I got bored a few hours in. On another side note, as of this posting, I have only played about an hour of the multiplayer on GTA V. Continue reading