November Movie Preview

November officially kicks off the winter movie season. Now past the pitfalls of post-summer tentpoles that fill up September and the uninspired horror movies of October, November begins the perfect mix of Oscar contenders and blockbusters looking to take advantage of the holiday season. There are quite a few noteworthy movies coming out in November, so I’ve broken down what you should see and what you should skip.

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Movies For Bored People: Sleepwalk With Me

What’s up chumps, chumpettes, drummers, and drumettes? I’m going to do something a little different with this week. When I came up this idea all those last week ago I envisioned just writing about about terrible action movies and comedies I found randomly on Netlfix or Amazon and telling to watch them because they are fun as fuck. They remain fun as fuck, and I’ll probably write about more of them at some point but something really important happened last week. I saw a picture on Facebook. In a shocker it wasn’t a mostly naked chick or dude taking a shirtless mirror selfie, it was a picture that Mike Birbigilia shared from the La Quinita Inn he jumped out of in 2005. ( The hotel had placed a placard there stating this was the room he jumped out of and inspired his movie, “Sleepwalk With Me”. How could I ignore that? A comedian I find funny has movie and it includes him jumping out of a window, sign me up twice.

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How Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Impressed Me

It’s important to know that I don’t just look at music and television shows – like every commoner here, I am pop-culture ambidextrous in nature. With that, let’s talk about the taste Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s new trailer leaves in our mouths… my mouth… that I will be describing to you… whiskey. The point of talking about the impression the trailer leaves, instead of breaking the trailer down scene by scene is because I don’t want to treat the trailer like a movie, because it isn’t – it’s a trailer – and the trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier leaves me very excited.

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Movies For Bored People

I only watch two kinds of movies, movies that will change my world view and alter my ways of relating to it, or movies that I can watch for free on Netflix or for like 2 dollars on Amazon only having to pay attention to explosions, stabbings, boobs, and stupid awesome fights. These Tuesday postings will only be about the dumb explodey kind of movies I watch. I know what you’re thinking, “Jon, there is no way you watch enough dumb action/comedies to write about them every Tuesday”. I assure you, I do. I watch enough simple mass appeal fun films to fill out all of the Tuesdays from now until this blog mercifully dies. Continue reading