Album Review: Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”

Eminem’s most recent album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” is a very difficult album to review for me. Eminem is not an evolving artist, his style hasn’t drastically changed over the years, if it has at all, but it does fluctuate between the serious hard-hitting rhymes and the jokester “Slim Shady” persona that bags on celebrities and jokes about drugs, mental illness and death. If MMLP2 has one great failing, it is that Eminem doesn’t seem to know what he wants this album to be.

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Song of the Day: Eminem – “Love Game” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Well hi there ladies and gentlemen! It’s been a tough week so far, but hell, you’re over halfway through and the weekend is waiting patiently for you to enjoy the shit out of it! Today I’m here to provide you with a song that will help you push through the last two days of work/school/responsibilities/looking-for-pants-so-that-you-can-answer-the-door-because-the-pizza-man-is-here! Our song today is “Love Game” by Eminem featuring Kendrick Lamar from Eminem’s new album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”. (Maybe don’t listen to this if you are offended by profanity, but then you probably are on the wrong blog anyways).

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Song of the Day: Human Nature

What do you know about me? I’m a generous Uncle Clucker. One cover of Human Nature? Shut up. You get Michael performing the original.  You get Alicia Keys popping the lyrics to fit whatever awesome situation she’s in. You get Boyz II Men BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU WANT THEM! You love Mario as much as I do? No? Don’t be greedy, let me share with you. You want Stevie Wonder playing it on a harmonica at Glastonbury? Who do you think I am? You don’t even need to ask. You got it!!

It’s well known that Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Boyz II Men, Mario, and Stevie Wonder are majestic love song birds who bring my tear ducts to their knees. But John Mayer? I always thought John Mayer was like a Streisand, but he rocks the shit in this one. I’m no huge John Mayer fan as an artist because I’m well past the body image issues I dealt with when I was a 14 year old girl. I am, however, a white person.  John Mayer happens to be playing an electric guitar. Nah fur eel doe, that was a classy cover of the best song ever written (according to some guy I knew) and I felt like if you had a case of the Mondays, you’d still have a case of the Mondays after listening. Music doesn’t control your mood, it’s a reflection of it, you jabroni.


Song of the Day: “Heads Will Roll” (A-Trax Remix)

Sup party people? Ready to party? Weeks are long and weekends are short, so be sure to enjoy every moment of yours. I’m here to get your Saturday started off right with some bumping beats.

“Heads Will Roll” (A-Trax Remix) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs is off the soundtrack for the film Project X, a highly underrated found footage comedy from 2012. So as you prepare to tear it up tonight, pump up this jam, get jacked, throw back some Jaeger and have a good time.

Not the Song of the Day you want, but the one you need: Guster’s The Captain

Good evening everyone, it’s been a long Thursday, and I hope you’ll forgive the lateness of my song of the day post. However, I feel that posting the song of the day in the evening could hold a certain gravity for you, depending on the kind of day you’ve had. I won’t be posting the song of the day every Thursday night, it just happens to be this night.

Without further adieu, I give you Guster’s “The Captain” off their Ganging up on the Sun album. Guster was the second concert I attended: the first was a Bare Naked Ladies concert (I regret nothing). My friend Jeff gave me some Guster songs to listen to early in our sophomore year in high school; after listening to those songs I quickly told him “I want all the Guster that you have… Now I’m worried what you heard was ‘give me a lot of Guster,’ when really I said give me all the Guster you have.” He did, and I was happy. Next thing I knew we were going to the Guster concert in Minneapolis, where the opening song happened to be… “The Captain.”

“The Captain” is the perfect song for my Thursday because of how it illustrates how when a person is having a bad day, that person want’s to be like their hero. Personally, I have a lot of heroes, but my “captain” at the moment happens to be Captain Malcolm Reynolds from the show Firefly. I associate the song with character because of how the two talk of the importance of moving forward when you’re down; and that’s important. I’d say more on the topic, but I really believe that covers it.