The 2nd Floor Commons is a place to freely discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of pop-culture. We cover movies, television, books, sports, music and more, highlighting what we love and what we love to hate. Learn more about the authors below.

Tony Bader – Tony grew his first beard at 17, and it was the first time he looked in the mirror and saw his true self. Since then his beard has grown long.  His beard has been trimmed. His beard has been shaven. Despite being a brunette, his beard grows in a lush auburn around his chin. There are several blonde hairs in his beard as well, causing some elderly to confuse his face for their least favorite potpourri. His beard hairs are strong like wires and have, in some instances, broken skin. Read about whatever his beard chooses for you to read about at @thREALtonybader on your tweet machine.

Brian Curran – A twenty something nerd whose focus includes (but not limited too) comics, music, coffee, movies, Doctor Who, and the now satisfied infatuation in finding out who the mother is in How I Met Your Mother. Some have speculated that he is a hipster; such speculations were laid to rest after Brian exclaimed “yes, I am a hipster.” Known as “Big Papa Bri-Bri” to some commoners, Brian can be found on Twitter as @barista_brian by everyone.

Jordan Knueppel – Jordan opened this page to write his bio 1 hour and 28 minutes ago. Since then he has been distracted by Kendrick Lamar and A$ap Rocky Videos, Jeopardy and that weird picture of Chris below. Like what is that? A dinosaur made out of aluminum? Jordan is an avid fan of music, sports, video games and Cam Newton. Your mother thinks you could be more like Jordan, if you only you would truly apply yourself. Follow Jordan on Twitter: @jnip11 .

Chris Swietlik  – Spent his 23rd birthday assembling levels in a factory. He has an unwavering love for all things Wes Anderson and is one of the few people who still feels the need to watch Saturday Night Live live. He has many hidden talents, including standing awkwardly in photos that only feature himself (see example to the right). Follow him on Twitter @cswiets.

Jonathan L Wieting – Spent his 23rd birthday drunk and cannot grow a proper beard.  He is an all right dude, other than the whole bread thing. A diagnosed insomianac with GAD and panic disorder, he likes anything that means he can stay in his house. Jon is a passionate bourbon drinker and hooka owner, and is about as social as that makes him sound. He will write about video games, movies, comics, sport ball, combat sports, his jealousy of Tony’s facial hair, and his hatred of new people and things. He tweets, both sober and drunk, @TheRealestJonW. All the other JonWs are just imitating.


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