Arrow Recap: “Crucible”

arrow-9There is one rule when it comes to comic books – No one is ever dead. From the most popular, to the most minor, whether it be actual resurrection, a case of mistaken identify, or returning in the form of a vision, characters never go away forever. It is this guiding principle that is at the center of tonight’s Arrow and helps to continue the show’s strong start out of the second season gates.

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A Love Letter to Walter Goggins

Hey Walter,

I remember when we first met, it was the first season of Justified and you stood out to me more anyone, even more than my second favorite Olyphant(this will always be my favorite Oliphant You were the best part of that show by leaps and bounds, and though the gap has closed as that show as went on, you will always be my favorite. I gushed about you being awesome to Chris multiple times. You play crazy so well. You have the best voice. Walter, you maybe the best most under used and underrated actor in the world right now. You were perfect in Lincoln, so perfect I forgot how much I loved Boyd Crowder. You played a glorious hate monger in Django Unchained. You hated so well in it that I forgot Boyd’s tolerance. You made it satisfying to watch one of my favorite actors die. Walter, do you know hard that is to do? It’s like rooting for your favorite team to lose. You were always very good, Walt then you did something beyond very good. You did the best bit of TV acting I’ve ever seen. The way you played a transvestite named Venus on Sons of Anarachy is the single best of TV acting I can remember. It meant from a pop because I recognized you to being memorized by how good every story arc involving Venus was. This character could have been so terrible, you made it phenomenal. It was better than  Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, it was better than Jon Hamm in Mad Men, and it ground Kevin Spacey in House of Cards into the dust. Everyone needs to watch the performance in the latest episode of SOA. It is beyond compression, and it plays through incredibly adult themes. You do it effortlessly. Thank you Walter one day the world might appreciate you the way I do.

Not the Song of the Day you want, but the one you need: Guster’s The Captain

Good evening everyone, it’s been a long Thursday, and I hope you’ll forgive the lateness of my song of the day post. However, I feel that posting the song of the day in the evening could hold a certain gravity for you, depending on the kind of day you’ve had. I won’t be posting the song of the day every Thursday night, it just happens to be this night.

Without further adieu, I give you Guster’s “The Captain” off their Ganging up on the Sun album. Guster was the second concert I attended: the first was a Bare Naked Ladies concert (I regret nothing). My friend Jeff gave me some Guster songs to listen to early in our sophomore year in high school; after listening to those songs I quickly told him “I want all the Guster that you have… Now I’m worried what you heard was ‘give me a lot of Guster,’ when really I said give me all the Guster you have.” He did, and I was happy. Next thing I knew we were going to the Guster concert in Minneapolis, where the opening song happened to be… “The Captain.”

“The Captain” is the perfect song for my Thursday because of how it illustrates how when a person is having a bad day, that person want’s to be like their hero. Personally, I have a lot of heroes, but my “captain” at the moment happens to be Captain Malcolm Reynolds from the show Firefly. I associate the song with character because of how the two talk of the importance of moving forward when you’re down; and that’s important. I’d say more on the topic, but I really believe that covers it.


November Movie Preview

November officially kicks off the winter movie season. Now past the pitfalls of post-summer tentpoles that fill up September and the uninspired horror movies of October, November begins the perfect mix of Oscar contenders and blockbusters looking to take advantage of the holiday season. There are quite a few noteworthy movies coming out in November, so I’ve broken down what you should see and what you should skip.

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The Big NFL Prediction Review

Hey guys, I figure it’s good idea to talk about all the cool stuff that happened last NFL Sunday while at the same time keeping Tony, Jordan, and I accountable for our dog shit gambling advice. It also gives me the chance to pick the sexy Thursday night shit show game.

SF(-15.5)vs. JAX IN LONDON!!!!!

Result: SF 42 JAX 10.

Whelp, they covered that giant point line. They didn’t pass to run up the score and they didn’t need to as they literally ran up the score(zing). Collin Kaepernick had day, good work Kaepernickerbocker fantasy owners. Sorry we did that to you Londoners but get used to Jacksonville soon they’ll be all yours.

Tony 0-1 Jon 0-1 Jordan  1-0

DAL@ DET(-3)

Tony Romo covered and the cowboys didn’t win. It was good day. There was also that weird Dez Bryant Jason Witten fight on the sidelines that Demarcus Ware mediated. I would stop yelling things at people if Demarcus Ware touched me. Calvin Johnson continues to be better than everyone.

Tony 0-2 Jon 1-1 Jordan 2-0

CLE @ KC(7-5)

Result: KC 23 CLE 17

Jason Campbell came in a played well, as he has for most of his career. Expect him to get benched and name called by the coach next week because that poor man has no luck. I don’t know why we think KC is the worst 8-0 in history, they have an amazing defense and play within their offensive talent. They might be boring but the way they win is sustainable.

Tony 1-2 Jon 2-1 Jordan 3-0

MIA @ NE(-7)

Result: NE 27 MIA 17

Miami looked really good and then promptly remembered how limited their talent was and chose to ignore their best offensive option against New England in order to have Tannehill chuck it 42 times at 52 percent accuracy. They did this while their lead running back averaged 5 yards a carry. Bilichick continued to cement his stance of hating people having fun by persisting to fuck Steven Ridley fantasy owners.

Tony 2-2 Jon 3-1 Jordan 3-1

BUF @ NO (-11.5)

Result NO 35 BUF 17

Thad Lewis left on the first play Billes offensive play on a fumble making everyone fear they were in for another episode of Tuel Time. Thankfully, he returned to fumble again. Other than the turnovers Thad Lewis did well for a Thad Lewis, but Drew Brees did Drew Bress things on the way to 5 TD passes.

Tony 2-3 Jon 3-2 Jordan 3-2

NYG @ PHI(-5)

Result NYG 15 PHI y

/Vomits. Please go away Matt Barkley you are no answer to any question other than who is not a competent quarterback. Good work Josh Brown fantasy owners though

Tony 2-4 Jon 4-2 Jordan 3-3

NYJ @ CIN(-6.5)

Result: CIN 49 NYJ 9

So, Marvin Jones turns out to be a fantasy hero for that guy that was in last place with everyone hurt and had start somebody, good for you that guy, for shame on anyone throwing away their free agent budget on him currently. By the way, Andy Dalton had as many TDs as Drew Brees last week. Some bad fantasy owner in Cinci just won by 100.

Tony 2-5 Jon 5-2 Jordan 4-3

WASH @ DEN(-13)

Result: DEN 45 WASH 21

No one wanted the football and continued to throw it to each other. Some how Denver scored 45, which was more than enough to cover. RG part 3 didn’t look great and WASH refused to hand it off to a guy getting 5.5 yards a carry. It was an ugly looking game.

Tony 3-5 Jon 5-3 Jordan 5-3

ATL @ AZ(-2)

Result: AZ 27 ATL 13

Andre Ellington averaged over 10 yard per carry. That defense sure is great in ATL. Bright spot though, Harry Douglas is putting up numbers.

Tony 4-5 Jon 5-4 Jordan 5-4

GB @ MIN (-9.5)

Result: GB 44 MIN 31

Aaron Rodger played one the best games of his career and Jordy Nelson made everyone forget how dismally injured the Packers’ receiving core is. All of this happened against one of the worst secondaries in football. Eddie Lacy persists to be a big scary animal.

Tony 4-6 Jon 5-5 Jordan 6-4

SEA(-12) @ STL

Result: SEA 14 STL 9

Kellen Clemens played against the best defense in the game and it went about as well that sounds like it would go. Zach Stacy and the St. Louis defense kept this game closer than it needed to be and actually kept them ahead until Golden Tate gave SEA the come from behind win.

Tony 5-6 Jon 6-5 Jordan 6-5

Thursday Shit Show Prediction

Cinci(-3) @ MIA


Miami will certainly shoot themselves in the foot again and The Bengals looked mighty fine last week against a team that is comparable to the Dolphins.  I hope Marvin Jones goes catchless to punish you overzealous fantasy players.